Report: ISIS Unleashed Chlorine Gas on Iraqi Police Officers

General Jack Keane says he’s not surprised

HEMMER: The worst fears for those fighting back against ISIS may have been realized. There is a suspicion that chlorine gas has been used on Iraqi police officers. General Jack Keane, retired 4-star general, chairman of the institute for the study of war and a Fox News military analyst. How are you general and good morning to you."

KEANE: "Good morning."

HEMMER: “This is what the report says, 'a mass of yellow smoke unleashed that hung close to the ground' according to the reporting from Washington Post. You say you are not surprised about this. How?"

KEANE: "No, I'm not. Chlorine is available in the open market inside of Iraq and also in Syria and the ISIS has had the chemical storage sites, control of them, going all the way back to 2013. They probably have not used the chemical weapons that are there because they are leaking and they are dangerous to the users as much as they would be to their opponents. But this is a terror weapon because you can see it, it's a yellow gas, you can smell it, and when people see that, they break and they run. So it is an intimidating weapon."

HEMMER: "So what you're describing to us is that this is going to happen again, or that it is going to happen more often."

KEANE: "Oh, yes, absolutely. And we believe it was used in Kobani, we don't know for sure because -- but the symptoms with chlorine gas -- they have severe headaches, vomiting, burning throat, burning eyes -- that's what the doctors concluded but they were not able to verify it. So here it is again in Iraq."

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