Trump: We Have Rebuilt China with the Money They’ve Taken out of the United States

‘We are like the piggy bank’


TRUMP: "And it’s possible you won't be creating — you won't be having much of a problem in terms of pricing because I actually think a lot of the countries will eat it because they want to continue to export. And they are making a fortune. We have rebuilt China. We have rebuilt a lot of — with the money they’ve taken out of the United States. We are like the piggy bank that had people running it that didn’t know what the hell they were doing. We have rebuilt countries massively. You look at some of these countries, look at South Korea, Japan, so many countries, and then we defend them on top of everything else. We defend Saudi Arabia. They pay us a fraction of what it costs. We defend Japan and South Korea. They pay us a fraction of what it costs. And we are talking to all of those countries about that because it’s not fair that we defend them and they pay us a fraction of the cost of that defense. It’s a separate argument, but a real problem.”

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