Hillary Calls on College Students to Rally Trump Admin to Re-Join Paris Accord

‘I would hope that there would be much more activity around climate change with a specific goal’


CLINTON: "We are the only country left in the world. Syria actually was the other holdout. They've joined the Paris agreement. And I think that there has been so many issues that people are concerned about that it’s easy to get spread so thin that we don’t make a significant impact on the political calculations and thinking of the administration and Congress. So I would hope that there could be much more activity around climate change with a specific goal. And my suggestion, although there could very well be others, is that the United States back in the Paris agreement and lots of student activity, lots of old-fashioned stuff like phone calling and everything, but also a consistent presence trying to make that case because that will enable us to try to do more as a country, even though it’s going to be difficult, I admit, to try to change this policy. I recently met with the U.N. official responsible for implementing the Paris agreement and she is optimistic about the work that is being done between other governments and not-for-profits in private businesses, in our country a lot of mayors and governors are stepping up. So in addition to trying to put pressure coming from campuses and elsewhere about getting the United States back into the Paris agreement, there is much that can be done here at home that will be beneficial globally. So looking for ways to work with not-for-profits, even private-sector businesses and certainly governments, volunteering, doing whatever you can to help us organize ourselves here on the local and state level, waiting until we get back to a national commitment."

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