MSNBC’s Tur: Is There Structure in Place ‘to Stop that Slow Roll of Another Saturday Night Massacre?’

‘Are you confident the structure is in place to stop that slow roll of another Saturday night massacre?’


TUR: “Who is left? If -- if this becomes a Saturday Night Massacre and he gets rid of Rosenstein and then somebody else within the department takes his place as -- as acting attorney general until Donald Trump can try to get another appointee through the Senate, and who knows if he can at that point? I'm not sure if he can get 60 --"
WALLACE: "Yeah."
TUR: "-- votes for any sort of -- any sort of person that he would nominate at this point. Are you confident that the -- the structure is in place to stop that -- that slow roll of another Saturday Night Massacre?"
WALLACE: "Not at all."

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