Dershowitz: I Don’t Think Trump Has Any Choice But to Sit Down with Mueller

‘Nobody is above the law when it comes to a grand jury subpoena’

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HEMMER: "Would you advise President Trump to sit down with Mueller’s team?"
DERSHOWITZ: "I don’t think he has any choice. First of all he can be subpoenaed. Mueller has the authority to issue a subpoena and compel him to meet with his lawyer and without any restrictions on subject matter. You can’t resist that. Nobody is above the law when it comes to a grand jury subpoena. So at this point something has to be negotiated. Look, the president’s lawyers would prefer to have written questions and written answers. But I don’t think Mueller's going to accept that. I think in the end there is going to be no choice but to sit down and have an interview limited in time, limited in scope with his lawyers present and hopefully he'll answer the questions yes and no without elaborating too much. That’s the hope that his lawyers have. They want to be able to control the situation and not allow Mueller to ask him to go far afield and to make statements that could fill gaps or come back to hurt him. Remember, the president doesn’t know what he doesn’t know. He doesn’t know whether there are emails or anything else that might contradict something he says. The president doesn’t know who has testified secretly if front of a grand jury. The president doesn’t know where the gaps are in the prosecution’s case. So he has to be very careful how he answers these questions."

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