Fox News: Ugandan President Says ‘I Love Trump’ Following Trump’s ‘Sh*thole’ Remark

‘I love Trump because he tells Africans frankly’

MacCALLUM: "So the surprise turn of events. A prominent African world leader is praising President Trump after learning of reports that he claimed the president called his country that word, which we have seen a million times in the past week. Earlier this month, president Trump ignited a firestorm inside the oval office claiming he used that term to describe certain third world countries. Uganda’s president told the Ugandan legislature says that I love Trump because he tells Africans frankly. He says the Africans are weak. President Trump has denied using the phrase. He admits to tough language during the very heated discussions over immigrations negotiations. As we said before, he will be speaking with African leaders in Davos as well. We’ll let you know what comes up that."

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