Mike McCaul: This Was Leadership By Trump and ‘I Thought He Was at His Best Yesterday’

‘I think the good thing is we came to an agreement on four pillars that had to be achieved in the short term before this DACA expiration in March’


[clip starts]
TRUMP: "I’d love not to build the wall, but you need the wall. And I will tell you this, the ICE officers and the Border Patrol agents — I had them just recently on — they say, if you don’t have the wall — you know, in certain areas, obviously, that aren’t protected by nature — if you don’t have the wall, you cannot have security.  You just can’t have it.  It doesn’t work. And part of the problem we have is walls and fences that we currently have are in very bad shape."
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HEMMER: "Well, that was President Trump now talking about immigration insisting that southern border wall will be part of any deal on immigration. Texas Congressman Mike McCaul, Chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee was in that meeting. Sir, how are you and --"
MCCAUL: "Doing fine."
HEMMER: "-- welcome back here."
MCCAUL: "Thank you."
HEMMER: "How many meetings have you been in with the president?"
MCCAUL: "Several. But none quite like this one. I mean, you had live television cameras for almost an hour covering very sensitive inside negotiations and it really kind of peeled the curtain back for the American people to see what it’s really like in Washington. I thought it was an extraordinary move by the president, leadership on his part. And I really thought he was at his best yesterday. It was phenomenal."

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