Kristol Promises Jay Carney: Obama Will ‘Get Dragged into’ Sending Ground Troops

‘What we’re doing may contain ISIS, it may degrade them a little — it will not destroy them’

Kristol Promises Jay Carney: Obama’s Gonna ‘Get Dragged Into’ Sending Ground Troops (Mediaite)

Weekly Standard editor Bill Kristol told former White House press secretary and current CNN contributor Jay Carney that President Barack Obama was fooling himself and others that ISIS could be contained or defeated without a significant U.S. ground presence.

“What we’re doing may contain ISIS, it may degrade them a little, it will not destroy them,” Kristol said on CNN. “I think that will mean a real war, not just some air war against oil.”

“You won’t see a land invasion again in Iraq and a massive occupation by U.S. troops under this president,” Carney countered. “Ultimately, the army that was trained up by the United States military, by General Petraeus and others, has to do that job.”

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