Jack Keane: It Was a ‘Strategic Blunder that Obama ‘Didn’t Crush ISIS Early On’

‘The Trump team came in, looked at what they had and really committed themselves to destroying this caliphate as soon as possible’

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KEANE: "No, I think we have a right to take a victory lap here in taking down ISIS’s caliphate. We’ve never had an organization quite like them. They moved into Syria because of the stalemated civil war in 2012 with several hundred Iraqi fighters. 18 months later largely using the Internet to recruit on with some very sophisticated messaging, they grew to 30,000 strong and invaded Iraq in January of 2014 and the world certainly took notice of what was happening to us. And as a result of that, the Obama Administration, despite their claims that this was a top priority, never fired a shot in anger against ISIS even though the Iraqi government was asking for help for nine months. That’s how long it took. And it took 15 months before we ever went after their oil fields, which was their source of financial strength. That was a strategic blunder that we didn’t crush ISIS early on." 

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