Marie Harf Rips Politico: ‘They Quote a Couple of Low Level Ideological Sources Who Clearly Don’t Like the Iran Deal’

‘This story is a hit job, honestly with no truth behind it’

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HARF: “Well, Brian, I was part of the negotiating team that got the Iran nuclear deal done. Until 'Politico' wrote this piece, I had never even heard of this program. You know, the 'Politico' story, this narrative in it is just false. And there’s no evidence in this story to back up their allegations. They quote a couple of low level ideological sources who clearly don’t like the Iran deal, but everything I know just doesn’t back up this narrative. In 2016, for example, the Obama Administration's D.E.A. did take action against Hezbollah’s drug and laundering operation. So, this story is a hit job, honestly, with no truth behind it, Brian.”

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