Noah on Jerusalem Embassy Issue: ISIS Is Going to Take Credit for Trump Blowing up the Middle East

‘I don’t know how to solve the Middle East crisis but I know how you break it, this is how’

NOAH: "What the hell? Donald Trump just blew up the Middle East so hard that ISIS is going to take credit for it and is he so desperate for compliments he would be like you know what, ISIS has many sidesk folk, many sides. Moving the U.S. Embassy to swrers LEM is like getting an apartment in your ex-girlfriend's illegal. It's not technically illegal but are you trying to dart some beep
[bleep]. You realize what trump has done. One of the major issues in the whole Israeli-Palestinian conflict is who has claim to Jerusalem. And the U.S. Has always said it would be a fair mediator in this dispute until trump. It's like two people were fighting over a cook Yoo and trump was like I say it's Israel's cookie. Now let's talk about whose cookie St, yeah, yeah, can we do that. It makes no sense. I'm not saying I know how to solve the Middle East crisis but I know how you break it, this is how." 

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