Dem Rep. on Evidence Showing Trump/Russia Collusion: ‘So Much Smoke You Can’t See the Hand in Front of Your Face’

‘Collusion is not a crime’


HECK: "So, this is the same administration that fast-rewind last January said the entire issue and allegation that Russia interfered in our election was a hoax and that it was a witch hunt. There aren't very many people maintaining that at this point. This is the same administration that for the longest period of time, in fact, the president said it as late as last week, no collusion, no collusion, is now saying, oh, but collusion is not a crime. The fact of the matter is, there's so much smoke you can't see the hand in front of your face."
BLITZER: "Well, have you seen actual evidence, congressman, of collusion between the trump campaign and the Russians?"
HECK: "See remarks above, Wolf. What we have learned and discussed in the privacy of the House permanent select committee on intelligence cannot be revealed until a later date."

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