Painter: People Like Dershowitz Are ‘Shilling’ for Trump and Encouraging Him to ‘Flout the Law’

‘I think it is an embarrassment when you have people like Alan Dershowitz’


PAINTER: "The president is not above the law. We live in a democracy. We have a Constitution. And if he doesn’t want to comply with the Constitution, he needs to get out of there. And the Constitution does not say that as the chief law enforcement officer or as the president who appoints the chief law enforcement officer, the attorney general, he can obstruct justice. He cannot. No more than he can take a bribe when he signs or vetoes a bill. And he has got to learn to obey the law. And I think it is an embarrassment when you have people like Alan Dershowitz going out there, shilling for the President and encouraging him to continue to flout the law and flout the Constitution of the United States."

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