Kay: I’ve Never Seen a British PM Criticize an American President the Way May Did

‘The spokesperson has zero credibility’


SCARBOROUGH: "And especially if you look, Piers Morgan, it’s daily, like, 'You don’t understand what you are doing. You don’t understand the impact this is having over here, Mr. President.' Can you explain — these are neofascists that Donald Trump is embracing, right?" 
KAY: "They’re way outside the norms of political spectrum. These are people who have been indicted on charges of hate crimes against Muslims. Retweeting these videos which have been unsubstantiated and are deliberately fostering anti-Muslim feeling has been condemned across the political spectrum in the U.K. from the left and the right. I have never in 20 years of covering American politics seen a British politician, a British prime minister in public on camera deliberately criticizing an American president in the way that Teresa May did. 

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