Ted Cruz: Obama Operates a ‘Photo-Op Foreign Policy’

‘Unfortunately, from the beginning of this, we have seen President Obama being fundamentally unserious’

VAN SUSTEREN: “What do you think of the State Department's video? Is that a recruitment video or is that going to scare the Americans not to be a member of ISIS? Where did we get that money?”

CRUZ: “I just thought it was bizarre. It was a strange thing to put out. And I think it's a manifestation of what I talked about a second ago, which is a photo-op foreign policy or a press-release foreign policy. The focus of the Obama/Clinton foreign policy from day one has not been protecting vital national security interests of the United States. Instead, it's been making a statement. And it's been putting out a tweet. It's been fundamentally unserious. And that is part of what has made the world so dangerous.”

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