ISIS Terrorist ‘Tough Guys’ Reduced to Tears, Whimpers After Being Captured in Iraq

A video shows ISIS terrorists being captured by the Iraqi government back in June

Watch: ISIS Terrorist ‘Tough Guys’ are Reduced to Tears & Whimpers After Being Captured in Iraq (Independent Journal Review)

When ISIS terrorists are captured by Iraqi government forces in June, they’re reduced to blubbering and crybaby tears  after just a tiny taste of their own medicine. A video uploaded by Live Leak  shows the purported ISIS terrorists on their knees crying and wailing. There are other videos  on Live Leak showing ISIS captured in Iraq .

The same tough guys terrorizing the Middle East by decapitating American journalists, crucifying Christians and so-called “infidels,” burying womenand children alive, and murdering small kids , are in a puddle on the ground after a little bit of roughing up at the hands of their captors.

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