Scarborough Tears into GOP: All You Do Is Criticize, but Obama Is Doing What You Want

‘The president is not leading behind any more on ISIS ... that’s fine, I guess, if that is what you want to do, if that gets you off’

Scarborough Tears into GOP: Obama’s Doing What You Want, But All You Do Is Criticize (Mediaite)

Morning Joe host Joe Scarborough lit into his Republican Party Tuesday morning for criticizing President Barack Obama even when Obama does what the GOP has been demanding he do, namely more forcefully respond to the ISIS threat in Iraq and Syria. Reiterating a recurring point of his, that politics should stop at the waters edge, Scarborough called for the GOP to rally around the president in the fight against ISIS.

“The President of the United States is doing what we hear John McCain and Lindsey Graham and other Republicans say he should do, and what is the response?” Scarborough asked. “It’s criticism.”

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