Nikki Haley: U.N. Has ‘Exhausted’ Options on North Korea

‘We have economically strangled North Korea and they have said as much’


BASH: "As you know the U.N. Voted 15-0 on Monday to impose a new set of sanctions on North Korea, you said this will cut deep, but the president said this this week."
HALEY: "We think it's just another small step, not a big deal. Don't know if it has any impact, certainly it was nice to get a 15-0 vote but those sanctions are just the beginning of what has to happen."
BASH: "Are the north Korean sanctions something that will cut deep or not a big deal."
HALEY: "The first sanctions bill that was the largest ever that we had done to North Korea because a billion dollars, and it really was a punch in the gut to North Korea. This one which we passed in a week, was $1.3 billion and that didn't count the oil reducing 30% of their diesel and oil and gasoline that go to move all of the equipment. You take that with the -- all taken away, you look at all those things that total 90% of North Korea's trade is being cut off. So we have economically strangled North Korea and they have said as much. I think what the president is saying is we have done this but we can do a whole lot more.
BASH: "From what was just described you don't think that it's not a big deal?"
HALEY: "I think everybody in the international community sees it as a big deal, but we also have to have enforcement. This has not only been a kick to North Korea, this was a real hit to China, they had to take a real hit due to the fact that they do 90% of their trade with North Korea. So a lot of people feeling this, a lot of countries feeling this, but 15-0, united strong, and North Korea has pretty much been cut off from the world."
BASH: "Since the president said that, North Korea has really done nothing but threaten the U.S. And it's allies, north Korea threatened Guam and fired two missiles over Japan and fested a hydrogen bomb. Was the president --"
HALEY: "Where North Korea is beinger responsible and reckless, we're being responsible by using every diplomatic effort that we could possibly do. We have done all the diplomacy that we can do at the security Council at this point. While he said, this is what we can do to North Korea, we wanted to be responsible and go through all diplomatic means and get their attention first. I think general Mattis will take care of it. We all know that basically if North Korea keeps on with this reckless behavior, if the united States has to defend itself or defend its allies in in way, North Korea will be destroyed, and none of us want that, none of us want war. You also have to look at the fact that you are dealing with someone who is being reckless and irresponsible not only to the United States but to all of our allies. We are trying every other option available that we have. But there's a whole lot more that we can do. Kind never had to."

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