Conway: Adam Schiff and Mark Warner Spend More Time on TV Than They Do Investigating Trump/Russia

‘Everybody [was] breathlessly predicting you’re going to see interference, collusion, and affecting the election results’


BAIER: "Sure about the deal was being talked about it. There was a push in February, January 2016. You would think nothing at all might not be the accurate statement." 
CONWAY: "Let's look at what the investigation is supposed to be about. Everybody breathlessly predicting you're going to see interference, collusion, and affecting the election results. Last time I said Hillary Clinton, not the Russians, propelled Donald Trump to victory. I think no one can argue with that. That's what we promised. But for collusion, that Donald Trump would not be president, that's just not true. Adam Schiff and Mark Warner, the Democratic members and the committees, they spend more time on TV than they do investigating this matter." 

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