Caldwell: Rahm Emanuel Has Shown Black Lives Don’t Matter to Him, Only Black Votes Matter

‘Keeping the sanctuary city status is what’s important to Rahm Emanuel’


CALDWELL: "And as you know, recently federal agents did go into Chicago. But it shouldn’t stop there. Because we see, with the mayor like Rahm Emanuel, who is a very dishonest politician, who clearly has shown that black lives don’t matter to Rahm Emanuel, black votes matter to Rahm Emanuel. More importantly, keeping the sanctuary city status is what’s important to Rahm Emanuel. The African-Americans of that city and other groups who are concerned with the violence should stand up, band together, and vote out that very dishonest mayor. Because at this time, he has shown where his real consideration is. And it is not with the violence on the south and west sides of Chicago. And even now in the downtown area."

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