BI’s Bertrand: ‘Virtually Zero Chance’ Trump Will Confront Putin Over Election Meddling

‘There is no evidence to suggest that Trump will all of a sudden start to go on the offensive with Vladimir Putin’


BERTRAND: "No. There is -- there is no evidence to suggest that -- that Trump will all of a sudden start to go on the offensive with Vladimir Putin. He has shown a reticence to even blame Russia for the hacking to begin with. He instead has started to shift the blame to President Obama for not doing enough to stop Russia. So, there -- there is virtually zero chance that he’s going to confront Putin directly. And, you know, it’s not only a Russian hawks in the U.S. that are going to be concerned about that. It’s also our allies around the world. They’re going to be looking at this meeting and they're going to look for signs that Trump is going to be willing to push back against Russian aggression in eastern Europe and western elections more broadly, you know, as we saw in France, they’re -- they're still doing it. And if he doesn’t show any kind of signal that he intends to, you know, react to Vladimir Putin as he is, which is a foreign adversary, then, you know, that’s going to send a bad sign."

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