Trump: We Cannot Let Incredibly Rich Nations Fund Radical Islamic Terror

‘54 Muslim nations coming together’

TRUMP: "Because I said you can’t continue to fund terrorism. You cannot continue to fund terrorism and the king of Saudi Arabia, who is really becoming a very special man. I mean that, he’s taking it to heart and now they are fighting with other countries that have been funding terrorism. We will see. I think we had a tremendous impact. We cannot let these incredibly rich nations fund radical Islamic terror or terrorism of any kind. We cannot let it happen. One of the great two days of my life, I’m sure a lot of you watched it on television. 54 Muslim nations coming together. Some immensely powerful, wealthy nations. Everybody in that room was unified and the ones that weren’t, they are trying to get them to be unified. And to do the right thing. I think it could have a tremendous impact. Not only that, I am only going — if you spend billions of dollars, billions of having things manufactured in our country, with our jobs and our workers, for your countries — hundreds of billions of dollars was spent and given to American companies who are going to make American products and send them over to the wealthy countries of the Middle East. I mean, hundreds of billions of dollars. And people haven’t talked about that but to me, that was very important. We want those jobs. We want those jobs. They are making airplanes, all sorts of things. Hundreds of billions of dollars. It’s going back and I’m very proud of that. That something people don’t talk about because the real purpose of my being there was to make sure these countries do not fund terror any longer."

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