Shep Smith Hits Trump for Attacking His Own ‘Watered Down’ Travel Ban: ‘He Signed It’

Trump ‘signed this order that he now calls watered down’

‘He signed it’: Shep Smith calls out Trump for attacking his own ‘watered down’ travel ban order (Raw Story)

In a segment responding to the resuscitated legal battle over President Donald Trump’s executive orders barring travel and refugees from Muslim majority-countries, Fox News host Shep Smith on Monday mused over why the president signed the “watered-down” second order if he didn’t like it.

Quoting the president’s own tweets that called the second travel ban “watered down,” Smith noted that Trump “signed this order that he now calls watered down. He signed it.”

He went on to note that Trump’s own tweets calling the order a travel ban in all caps “may have undermined his own legal defense” which hinges on whether or not the order discriminates against Muslims, which goes against the Constitution.

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