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03/04/2018: New Features, New App, Free Upgrade Offer
Media colleagues,

We're excited to announce our latest round of new features and upgrades, and to extend an offer for standard accounts to upgrade to Enterprise, free. First, the new stuff:

—... Read more...
01/18/2018: New Grabien Upgrade: Blazingly Fast Clipping

We thought our clients might be interested in learning we've just dramatically improved the processing time on our clipping tools and video processing.
In fact, Grabien is now ... faster than YouTube!
The deets:
— The... Read more...
12/03/2017: Introducing the All-New Grabien — New Tools, a New Look ... The New Standard
We’re proud to announce an entirely new Grabien — a new website, a new logo, and a new suite of innovative production tools. We’ve been hard at work on these developments for well over a year, so we hope you love what... Read more...
04/20/2017: Updates: Faster Clipping, Self-Serve 1080 HD Clips
We're excited to announce two new updates:
Grabien's various clipping tools (the Clipper, the LiveClipper, the NewsClipper) are now 400 percent faster. That means short clips (1-2 minutes) are completed almost... Read more...
03/10/2017: Announcing the NewsMonitor, NewsBase, and Much More
We're excited to announce a number of new features today:
1) The LiveClipper now covers EVERY major news show — that’s every major news network (CNN, MSNBC, Fox News, CNBC, Fox Business, CSPAN, CNBC), as well as... Read more...
07/28/2016: Introducing Three New Grabien Features!
Today we’re pleased to announce three new features we hope will add value to your media outlet:
Run your own ads campaigns! Online sites participating in our ads program — whereby news clips can be embedded with... Read more...
06/24/2016: Introducing Grabien Enterprise!
This week we rolled out our highest tier account, Grabien Enterprise. These VIP-level accounts offer customizable options tailored around individual account holders’ needs.
Please note: Going forward, Grabien will... Read more...
03/29/2016: Exclusive! Scandal Scorecard: Who's More Corrupt, Hillary or Trump?
Donald Trump is running on a message of bringing a no-nonsense, cut-throat businessman's perspective to Washington, where he'll clean house and Make America Great Again. And it's no secret if he ends up being the... Read more...
03/21/2016: Introducing Grabien News!
Today we officially launched Grabien News, a free news site for consumers.
You might be wondering: Isn't Grabien already a news site? Well, not really.
Grabien was created to help the news industry operate more... Read more...
01/23/2016: Install Grabien's Brand-New iPhone App -- Get Paid!
Wouldn't it be great to scan the latest news, without all the added fluff from reporters? Just the actual, raw news itself? Grabien's brand-new app lets news junkies do exactly that.
Now you can watch the latest news clips --... Read more...
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