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05/20/2019: New Feature: WebClipper

Dear Media Colleagues —
We’re excited to announce the latest addition to Grabien’s ever-growing suite of production tools, the WebClipper.
Now you can easily create news clips from existing Internet... Read more...
03/22/2019: New Feature, New Montage

We’ve just added a new tool to Grabien Enterprise users’ toolbox. The LiveClipper, NewsMonitor, and NewsBase now capture both broadcast news feeds as well as online news feeds. We’ve added CBSN, Cheddar TV... Read more...
02/22/2019: New Feature Friday: Write for Grabien News, Get Paid!

If you’re a news junky with some writing experience, you may be interested to know you can now make money covering the news for Grabien. An update today enables users to submit posts for publication on Grabien News.
These... Read more...
02/15/2019: New Feature Friday: Syndicating Grabien News Posts

Media Colleagues —
Today we’re announcing a new way for media outlets to utilize Grabien to operate more efficiently. Our goal is to enable these outlets to publish the content everyone is talking about, without having... Read more...
02/08/2019: New Feature Friday: Web Clipping

Media Colleagues —
If you’ve ever needed to create news clips from existing Internet videos, Grabien now makes that easy.
Here’s how to do it:
Click the upload button on the upper right (arrow pointing up) ... Read more...
01/25/2019: New Feature Friday: Media Monitoring/Analysis Tools, NewsLists Updates, and More!

We’re excited to announce the latest round of new features to Grabien’s platform.
Here’s a rundown of what we’ve added:
— Media Coverage Reporting: Enterprise users can now go the NewsBase, choose... Read more...
11/23/2018: Grabien Black Friday Promos: No Spending Required!

Dear, media colleagues —
With the holidays approaching, now’s a great time to start winding down your workload — by outsourcing it!
If you haven’t already started taking advantage of Grabien’s... Read more...
11/16/2018: New Feature: Researching Word Counts in Clips, TV

If you’ve ever wanted to know how many times a news network used a particular word, or expression, Grabien now makes that easy. This tool also works for our database of pre-edited news clips.
Here’s how it... Read more...
11/05/2018: Election Day Special: Free Upgrade to Enterprise

If you’ve wanted to try Grabien’s premium features that are exclusive to Enterprise accounts — such as the LiveClipper, the NewsBase, the NewsMonitor, RadioBank, etc. — we’re offering a rare,... Read more...
10/26/2018: Two New Features: Searching & Monitoring

We’re excited to announce two new features to Grabien’s suite of production/monitoring tools:
— Search. Accounts with a lot of content can now search within their own library; users can search via basic keywords... Read more...
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