DeSantis: Claims About Removing Chemical Weapons from Obama, Rice ‘Raises Questions’ About Their ‘Veracity’

‘They had said after President Obama failed to enforce the red line that they had gotten all the chemical weapons out of Syria’


HEMMER: "It appears there might be one of three answers on that. It could be the Obama team did not see through it. It could be the Russians didn’t see through it or it could be Assad has made more since then. What do you think it is? Is it one, two or three?"
DeSANTIS: "I think it could actually be a combination of the three. But we were given assurances that Assad had moved on from the chemical weapons and that that was in the clear. We have some combat advisers of our own in the region so I think it’s important to know what potential threats they face. Obviously, I would never say that Russia is not going to be duplicitous in any of this, so that’s clearly a possibility. But I think when you have some of these former Obama officials saying, 'We knew all along we didn’t get all the chemical weapons,' that really raises questions about the veracity of administration policy and they had viewed Syria as a success where they had removed these weapons. It seems like that that wasn’t the case."

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