Noah: How Can Mike Pence Discuss Legislation with a Female Legislator over Dinner?

‘How irresistible does Mike Pence think he is?’

NOAH "You know what's interesting about what Mike Pence says, he won't be alone with a woman unless he's married to her. This is once again where so many people get exposed. So many conservative Republicans spend all their time bashing Muslims for how they treat women, and yet they seem to be perfectly fine over here with Sharia Mike who is, like, no women alone with me one on one, nothing! I see it's hard to see Mike Pence's actions as sexism, but what if a female legislature wanted to discuss legislation at dinner with Mike Pence. He wouldn't do it unless there's a chaperone? Why? Is he afraid they'll start banging in the middle of dinner? How irresistible does Mike Pence think he is? He's sitting there, like, there is no way we can be in this room and not have sex. How do you think my hair got so white? I (bleep) the color out of it. We'll be right back."

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