Julie Pace: The Freedom Caucus Is Not Feeling the Pressure from Trump’s Tweets

‘This has always been a relationship that has been a little odd’

PACE: "I mean they — they talk about a government shutdown and feeling confident that they are going to be able to — to avoid that. They talk about reaching out to Democrats. They talk about trying to put pressure on the House Freedom Caucus, but it’s largely just talk at this point. And when you — when you look at the Democrats, there is almost no indication that Democrats are ready to start working with this administration on even something like an infrastructure package, which in theory should have some bipartisan support. And when it comes to the House Freedom Caucus, you — you see these guys responding to these tweets from Trump. They are not feeling the pressure. They are not backing away. And this has always been a relationship that has been a little odd between Trump and the Freedom Caucus because they may all be outsiders, they may all want to shake up Washington, but the Freedom Caucus guys come in with a really clear ideology."

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