Al Gore: NSA Violations ‘Way More Serious’ Crimes than Snowden’s

‘But what he revealed in the course of violating important laws included violations of the United States Constitution that were way more serious than the crimes that he committed’

Al Gore: NSA Violations ‘Way More Serious’ Crimes than Snowden’s (Mediaite)

Former Vice President Al Gore spoke at the Southland conference today and addressed the information about NSA revealed by Edward Snowden. And even though he believes Snowden violated the law, Gore also charged that what the NSA did was “way more serious” a crime than anything Snowden did to release information about those things to the public.

Gore rejected the question of whether Snowden’s a patriot or a traitor as an overly simplistic one (Are you listening, NBC?), but admitted, “if you set up a spectrum, okay, I would push it more away from the traitor side.”

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