Kristol: Evidence Is Mounting that Devin Nunes Got Whatever Evidence Has from the W.H.

‘Devin Nunes was meeting with someone on the White House staff’


KRISTOL: “So Devin Nunes cannot just walk — show up at the White House and say, ‘Hey, I’m the chair of the committee here in the House, and I’d to clear in someone, an outsider, Bill Kristol, to meet with me, because you have a nice room for me to meet in or even a secure room for me to meet in.’ What tells me is most likely, and obviously, I don’t know this, but putting two and two together about how the White House works, Devin Nunes was meeting with someone on the White House staff, or someone cleared in by someone on the White House staff. Someone in the executive office building, maybe who is in the — [indecipherable] in the Security Council or the Strategic Initiatives Group hat Steve Bannon runs. I do believe that the evidence is now mounting up that Devin Nunes got whatever evidence he has or claims to have for his charge from the White House.”

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