Yarmuth: Ryan’s Health Care Bill Was Never About Providing Better Care or More Care

‘What we saw in this bill was not a health care bill at all, it was a tax cut’


JACKSON: "That is Kentucky Republican and Freedom Caucus member Thomas Massey this morning putting the blame squarely on House leadership for the failure of the GOP health care bill. With me now, another congressman from Kentucky, John Yarmuth, the Democrat, ranking member of the House Budget Committee. Congressman, thank you for joining us. Let me get your reaction from what you heard from your fellow Kentuckyan there. Is this one area where you might agree? Was this Republican bill rip-off and duplicate, if you will?" 
YARMUTH: "I think what we saw in this bill was not a health care bill at all. It was a tax cut and ideological drive of Paul Ryan's to begin the deconstruction of Medicaid. It really was never about making the health care system work better, providing more care or better care for Americans. Thomas is a friend and we actually agree on a lot of things. I won’t argue with him on that one, though." 

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