Pelosi on Ryan Bill: Republicans Will Have this Vote ‘Tattooed on Their Heads’

‘It’s clear that this is not a health care bill, this is a tax bill’


PELOSI: "It’s clear that this is not a health care bill. This is a tax bill. This is -- once again, Republicans never missing an opportunity to give a tax break to the high end. This is about their transfer -- the biggest transfer of wealth, from working class families and those who aspired to the middle class to the richest people in America. It's amazing. More than $600 billion transferred upward at the expense of working families. Ironically, some of these families are people who voted for Trump, like 57 percent of -- in some areas, 57 percent of the people who voted Trump are on the Affordable Care Act. That will be taken away from them, those red areas. That money will probably go to blue areas. Interesting, isn’t it? All terrible. So, in any case, I’ve told the Republicans in the — we worked for several hours in the Rules Committee last night, Republicans vote to destroy health care coverage, especially in this brutal form. Well that vote is going to be tattooed to their heads. They can’t say Donald Trump made me do it, he’s not their boss. Their constituents are their bosses. And this vote, as I say, will be their tattoo.”

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