Trump: I’m ‘100 Percent’ Behind GOP Health Care Bill

‘We’re going to have a great great health care plan’


TRUMP: "We'll have bidding by insurance companies like you've never seen before. Plans are going to come out like nobody's ever seen before, plans that nobody's even thought of now are going to be devised by insurance companies to take care of people. And we're going to take care of people at all levels. So I just want to let the world know, I am 100 percent in favor. These folks, and they are tough, and they love their constituents, and they love this country. These folks were no's, mostly no's yesterday. And now every single one is a yes. And I just want to thank you. We're going to have a health care plan that's going to be second to none. It's going to be great. And the people will see that."

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