MSNBC: 235K Jobs Added in February, Unemployment Rate Drops to 4.7 Percent

‘Looks like wages increased about 2.8 percent from the year before’


EISEN: "Healthy job growth again for the month of February. The first full month of jobs under President Trump, 235,000 jobs were added. That was better than the economists were looking for. They expected a number of just around 200,000.  The unemployment rate drops to 4.7 percent from 4.8 percent. Some signs of wage growth. That's something we have been looking for throughout the jobs recovery. Looks like wages increased about 2.8 percent from the year before. We need to see a number that goes more like 3 percent, but still, it is healthy to see those gains. A big part of the story here, construction jobs really grew. Strongest rate there in terms of job growth in ten years." 

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