MSNBC Guest on Global Warming Skeptics: Obama Had Last Laugh When Sandy Hit

Chris Matthews says Obama is right to focus on global warming as Miami could become next Atlantis

Huh? Chris Matthews: Stop Global Warming or Miami Will Be Turned Into a Hovering 'Atlantis!' (NewsBusters)

The always hyperbolic Chris Matthews on Tuesday touted Barack Obama's call for action on global warming with a rambling warning. The Hardball anchor hyperventilated, "And why did President Obama try to move the ball on global warming and climate change today? Well, because cities like Miami are about to turn into Atlantis if we don't do something about this." 

He added, "They're only five feet in the air, Atlantis– I mean Miami. " If one assumes that Matthews knows Atlantis isn't real, he presumably meant that Miami is only a few feet above sea level. Matthews lauded Obama, praising, "At least he knows that the future of the planet is at stake. He's got the right values."

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