Sunny Hostin: When Trump’s ‘Unscripted’ He Says Things ‘that Are Really Scary’

‘It was a good speech. I think he delivered it well’

Sunny Hostin Says That a Good Speech From Trump Doesn’t Cancel Out ‘Scary’ Actions (Mediaite)

During today’s discussion of Donald Trump‘s joint address last night, the panelists on ABC’s The View agreed with the general assessment coming from other corners of political media: the speech was good, but was it real and can it make up for all of the polarizing and shocking things Trump has said and done?

The ladies were trepidatious but pleased to see that Ivanka Trump‘s pet projects like paid paternity leave were being given serious attention.

“It was a good speech. I think he delivered it well. He read it on a TelePrompTer,” mused Sunny Hostin. “But it’s not so much the speech. It’s what policies and what he’s doing behind the scenes and we know that he’s saying things when he’s unscripted that are really scary, I think, for our country.”

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