Alveda King: ‘Fake News’ Responsible for Black Americans Thinking Trump’s a Racist

‘The fake news, calling him a racist, that has to stop’

KING: "It is on social media a lot. We are seeing a lot of that. Just accusing him of being a racist without doing real homework I’m a real investigation, for instance, Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson complemented Donald Trump several years ago. Said his plans were great for the urban community. Then all of a sudden, you hear he is racist, he hates black people. That is not the truth. He and Dr. Ben Carson, interestingly enough, Dr. Carson has accepted the HUD position, and during the campaign, it was tough, it was gritty. But they came together, meeting of the mind, he and Senator Tim Scott, they are the National Trump Coalition, diversity coalition, there are many African-Americans about coalition who really just like the same things that I like. The Pro-life plan, the economic plan, the education plan, the safety and security. Everybody, every American, the American dream is still alive. So, the fake news, calling him a racist, that has to stop."

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