Krauthammer: After Trump Called Me ‘Doctor’ Today, I Feel Like My $100K in Med School Tuition ‘Vindicated’

‘I also feel like you to two were making progress’

KRAUTHAMMER: "Good to be here. Let's go to the important point here. That he called me doctor, that was what was most important."
HENRY: "Was that offensive?" 
KRAUTHAMMER: "No, I feel like the $100,000 of med school tuition is now vindicated."
HENRY: "I also feel like you to two were making progress. I remember during the campaign, what did he call you --a dummy or something?"
KRAUTHAMMER: "That was the easiest name. He got quite upset about my commentary on the day he announced and I did not say nice things about him. I think I called him a rodeo clown ... Poisoning the relations again. Then he tweeted about my book, he said, “Book sucks.” That was the shortest review I ever got. And I read it on air the next night."

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