Spicer: Sessions ‘Has Been a Tireless Advocate’ for Civil and Voting Rights

‘His record on civil and voting rights I think is outstanding’


SPICER: "And like the late Arlen Specter, I can only hope that if she was with us today, that after getting to know him and to see his record and commitment to voting and Civil Rights, that she would share the same view that Senator Specter did when he said, 'Although I voted against him, getting to know the man that he is now, I regret that vote.' I would hope that if she was still with us today that she would share that sentiment because Senator Sessions record, both as U.S. attorney for Alabama, as attorney general and senator has been one that has stood up for voting rights. He prosecuted the Klan, he stood up for Coretta Scott King — getting the gold medal. He has been a tireless advocate of voting and civil rights throughout his career. I would just hope that if she was still with us today that she would share the sentiments of former senator Specter."

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