Manchin: ‘I Begged’ Harry Reid to Not Pull the Nuclear Option

‘What Harry Reid did in pulling the nuclear option was wrong, I was against it’


MANCHIN: "Let me just say this. What Harry Reid did in pulling the nuclear option basically was wrong, I was against it. I begged him not to do it. I said, 'Harry, this is wrong. Don’t do it.' The institution of United States Senate is different than any other institution in the world and basically it is supposed to be the balancing act that brings people together and creates and mandates as a bipartisan movement. If you don’t have that atmosphere and if you basically break down that, then you basically have disintegrated what we are as the Senate. How do you ever get a bipartisan agreement? I think that basically the 60 rule is something we should strive and we should work hard to protect and we should all look very openly at President Trump’s nominee."

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