Brzezinski: Can Dems Run Against Wall Street if Obama Didn’t Prosecute Anybody?

‘I think the president has done a great job of raising the issue, but a candidate for the future needs to take the baton and run with it’

Brzezinski: Can Dems Run Against Wall Street if Obama Didn’t Prosecute Anybody? (Mediaite)

Following a typically excoriating column from New York Times’ Paul Krugman on the “double standard” of the economic recovery, in which banks were bailed out but homeowners left with debt that still leadens growth, a Morning Joe panel lamented the lack of prosecutions of bankers involved in the financial collapse, and wondered if future politicians could successfully run against Wall Street given the inaction. 

“Do you think there’s a way that Democrats can take and run with this even though it has been — look, this president can be held as well responsible for holding the banks harmless and not helping out the middle class as much as he could have,” host Mika Brzezinski said. “Having said that, he’s been fighting to do so and Republicans have held him back repeatedly.”

Regular panelist Harold Ford said that the time for prosecuting bankers had likely passed, but that focus should shift toward raising the minimum wage and freeing up capital for small businesses.

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