Jeffrey Rosen: Gorsuch a ‘Principled Conservative in the Mold of Scalia’

‘He may be more libertarian than Scalia’


ROSEN: "No, Judge Gorsuch is not outside of the mainstream, in the sense that he is a principled conservative who is very much in the mold of Scalia. But what's interesting is that he may be more libertarian than Scalia in a willingness to check the excesses of the president and Congress. Gorsuch, more than Scalia, has questioned the constitutional underpinnings of the regulatory state from environmental regulations to immigration restrictions. Ordinarily progressives wouldn't like that, but now that they want the Supreme Court to check the excesses of President Trump and a Republican Congress, it’s possible that the more Jeffersonian Justice Gorsuch might ultimately side more with progressives than the Hamiltonian Scalia."

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