Smerconish: This Week ‘Arguably the Most Tumultuous Week of American Politics’ Ever

‘It was arguably the most tumultuous week of American politics I ever witnessed’


SMERCONISH: "I've been paying attention for three decades. Close attention. I think it was arguably the most tumultuous week of American politics that I've ever witnessed. And what's interesting to me is in one silo it's a blank show, it's a guy who is arguing about crowd size. It's a guy who gave an inappropriate speech at the CIA. It's somebody whose activities were so bad that the Mexican president cancelled on him. But to Poppy's trip to Kentucky, there's a different silo out there, and he is doing tremendous. He is delivering on absolutely everything he promised during the campaign. He's already undercut the Affordable Care Act, TPP is dead, NAFTA is on the ropes, the wall is getting built, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera. And there are these competing views of what has just transpired."

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