Dana Bash: Trump’s Exec. Orders Like ‘the Twilight Zone’ After Years of Obama Criticism

‘I know some of the executive orders were to ‘unsign,’ in his words, some of what President Obama did, but not all of them’

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CNN’s Bash: Trump’s Executive Orders Are Like ‘The Twilight Zone’ After Years of Obama Criticism (Mediaite)

Moments after watching President Donald Trump deliver his planned remarks at the GOP retreat in Philadelphia, CNN’s Dana Bash pointed out the apparent hypocrisy in now supporting a POTUS who is trigger happy over executive orders.

The clash of course comes after President Barack Obama faced unyielding criticism from his Republican cohorts for using executive orders during his time in office.

Bash said to her CNN panel, “Bigger picture: to listen to a Republican president come out at the retreat of Republican members of Congress and spending the first fifteen minutes bragging about all of the executive orders he signed after these Republicans spent eight years railing against the Democratic president, President Obama, as an imperial president because he signed so many executive orders, was like a little bit of The Twilight Zone.”

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