Rachel Maddow Compares Trump Speech to ‘Hitler’s Rise’

‘It’s hard ... it’s hard to hear’

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MADDOW: "This president also repeating -- the new president also repeating that our -- our -- our -- our guiding principle will be America first, America first. We know how he has used that as a campaign slogan, that also has very dark echoes in American history. There was an America First Committee that formed in this country, hundreds of thousands of people in this country, some of the richest businessmen in the country who were part of it, they were formed to keep us out of World War II. They were infiltrated by the Nazis, many of them are anti-Semitic, part of why they weren't alarmed by Hitler's rise in Germany. The America First Committee is something that means a specific thing in this country, to repurpose it now, not that far down the historical path. It's -- it's hard, it's hard to hear."

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