Bill Bennett: ‘There’s No Question’ About Trump’s Legitimacy

‘You may not like him, you may not agree with him, but there is no question about his legitimacy’

BENNETT: "Shame on them. Shame on you. Shame on them. They are weakening the institutional process here. The institutional process is not exactly the peaceful transition of power. It is the celebration of the peaceful transition of power, the bipartisan celebration. They are taking themselves out of that, Martha. So many Californians, maybe this is part of the secession movement they have been talking about out there, they are removing themselves from an almost sacred American practice. Historically, let’s just think about this, I will be the foreman length person today, Martha, maybe this time on your show to say that I have great respect for John Lewis and what he did. He is an icon. He is a hero. Since one and America do we not offer criticism of our heroes? Books about martin Luther king have talked about his shortcomings. Books about Lincoln have talked about his shortcomings. John Lewis has to recognize this is a different country from the country where he got beat up 50 years ago. Things have really improved, at least until the Obama presidency, which I think setback race relations. You can criticize an icon, you can criticize a hero. I think he deserves criticism here. Look, Donald Trump as the legitimate president of the United States. There is no question about his legitimacy. You may not like him, you may not agree with him, but there is no question about his legitimacy."

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