John Lewis: ‘The Vote is the Most Powerful Nonviolent Tool We Have’

‘It is almost sacred’


LEWIS: “The vote is precious. It is almost sacred. It is the most powerful nonviolent instrument or tool that we have in a democratic society and we must use it. Just think, a few short years ago, especially here in the American south, people are trying to make it harder and difficult for people to register to vote. In my native state of Alabama and in places like Georgia, sometimes people were asked to count number of bubbles in a bar of soap, to count a number of jellybeans in a jar. People in state of Alabama and other parts at south stood in what I call unmovable line. There were a high school principal, colleges professors, lawyers and doctors, were told they could not read or write well enough. The only time that someone could even attempt to register to vote in Selma, Alabama, were the first and third Mondays of each month." 

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