Craig Ferguson Jokes that Bill Maher Is Controlled by Democratic Party

The CBS host mocks the HBO host for parroting liberal talking points

Craig Ferguson Tells Bill Maher He's a Democratic Party Puppet (Breitbart)

Comedy can leave a mark. Just ask progressive comedian Bill Maher.

Maher graced Craig Ferguson's desk on The Late Late Show Tuesday, and the Real Time with Bill Maher host was blindsided by a joke that clearly rankled him. Ferguson was busy toasting Maher's long career when this exchange broke out:

Ferguson: You have to get a sense of autonomy from the, from the, you know, the Borg that controls you - in my case CBS, in your case the Democratic Party.”

Maher quickly grimaced leading Ferguson to add, “Oh it’s a joke, Bill, it’s a joke.” “I don’t mind a joke,” replied Maher, “it’s just not an accurate one.

Maher, with very few exceptions, parrots Democrat talking points better than even paid Obama spokespeople. He just doesn't like to get reminded of that fact.

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