Deutsch on Trump: ‘I Would Rather Have a President Who Says What He Believes’

Scarborough: ‘Would you rather him have John Bolton talking about how we need to invade Iraq?’

SCARBOROUGH: "Would you rather him have John Bolton talking about how we need to invade Iraq?"
DEUTSCH: "No. I have a guy —"
SCARBOROUGH: "Would you rather have him had had these people, like, for instance, a guy he was talking about for homeland security, actually was a supporter of a Muslim registry and a Muslim ban. Would you rather that so you have it lined up perfectly with what he said in the heat of the campaign, or would you rather have —"
DEUTSCH: "I would rather have a president who says what he believes."
RATTNER: "You don’t have to have a CIA director —"
DEUTSCH: "No, I like most of those appointments."
SCARBOROUGH: "Nobody is giving Donald Trump a free pass on the stuff that he said."
DEUTSCH: "I guess my point."

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