Rubio on Carson: ‘I’m Hopeful that This Nation Will Soon Entrust Him with the Duty of Serving’ HUD Secretary

‘He has the values, the compassion and the character and the kind of drive that we need’

RUBIO: “HUD needs a leader who knows how to overcome tough obstacles, someone who when told, you’ll never be able to do that, finds the way to do that and does it well. Well that is what Ben Carson has done his entire life. To those who may have questions about his qualifications that is certainly the role of this committee, but I would argue to you that the most important qualification that I would look for in a HUD secretary is someone that understands that HUD is not just about providing people a place to live. At its core HUD is about the American dream. HUD is about the belief that those who have been left behind and have suffered and have the chance to stand back up on their own two feet and achieve a better life. HUD in many ways is about empowering people to capture the promise of America, the one thing that makes us different than the rest of the world, where in this country no matter who you’re born to or how underprivileged you may be starting out in life, we believe every human being is entitled by our creator to achieve their God-given potential. And I would just encourage this committee to understand this, Dr. Carson believes this not because he read about in a book or in a magazine or because he watched some documentary on PBS, he believes it because he has lived it and that cannot be easily replicated. He has the values, the compassion and the character and the kind of drive that we need. He’s a proven leader, a doer and solving tough problems and doing things that are hard and that people believe to be impossible. Throughout his life, people have put their hopes and literally their lives in his hands. And from everything I’ve seen from him firsthand and gotten to know about him, I’m hopeful that this nation will soon entrust him with the duty of serving as the Secretary of HUD.”

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